Fun Ways to Document Your Travel Adventures

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You may remember the days when the neighbours or great aunt Ethel would return from their holiday abroad and you had to visit to watch the slide show of their holiday snaps or look through 100’s of photos – showing my age now! Those were the days when you had to print off your photos to see what they looked like and yes I mean no digital and instant delete of the ones where your grandmother chopped everyone’s heads off – ha ha ha!

So, technology has moved on and you can now be a little more creative with your travel memories. Whether you are into photography, scrapbooking or not really all that creative there is an idea for you. Here are just ten ideas to get that creativity working for you and avoid boring everyone who cares to listen with 100’s of slides!

1. Video montage – take a few seconds of video at each tourist stop or destination or view and run them all together as a video. If you are very clever you can even set the video to your favourite holiday tune, add text and upload to You Tube. Don’t forget to share the link with all your Facebook friends!

2. Create a Pinterest board or three and share not only your holiday snaps but everyone else’s as well! Create boards to research and plan your next dream holiday.

3. Print out your favourite images and scrapbook them with souvenirs (ticket stubs, plane tickets etc). text and lettering.

4. Print out all your favourite images and store them in a photo album – remember to write the destination and date on the back or alongside if you have room so you don’t forget where and when you went when you share this album with your grandchildren!

5. Make a shadow box – pick your favourite image and display it in a box photo frame with a fridge magnet or other souvenir of your trip for a great 3D effect for your walls. Make one for each destination and theme a whole area of your home.

6. Send yourself a postcard from each destination you visit and keep them in a scrapbook.

7. Attach an enormous world map to your wall and add a push pin every time you visit a new country, you could add photos or name tag or the postcard you sent yourself in number 6.

8. Keep a journal – old fashioned but actually consider buying a nice notebook (leather if you want to go old school and traditional) and record images, thoughts and memories of your travels.

9. Start a travel blog and share all your images and adventures online!

10. Create a travel binder – fill it with images, scrapbook pages, mementos, maps and more….get it professionally bound for a great look and laminate items to protect and preserve them.

If you choose number 10 and decide to record all your holiday memories in a professional looking binder contact Paperquip for cost effective solutions for document binding NZ wide. They have fancy coilbinding machines for NZ images and documents. They have laminating machine for NZ wide delivery. Next day delivery available depending on your location.

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