Office Outsourcing That Can Save Your Company Money


Outsourcing is employing a contractor or a business outside of your own company to ultimately save money. Outsourcing will not necessarily make you money but it will free up your time and that of your employees to work directly on your business rather than being tied up with administrative jobs. You can outsource to other companies within New Zealand (NZ) or you can go offshore for some services.

Administrative jobs are those most commonly outsourced. You don’t need to be paying your professional, highly skilled or technical employees to type up reports or design new company brochures. Yes they should proof all documentation but editing takes far less time than actually writing. Likewise, creating or updating your company website is best outsourced to a company who specialises in web design. A web design company will have their own team of specialists who can complete the necessary tasks in a much more timely fashion.

Websites such as are a great resource for getting logo designs, graphics and marketing articles written. Whilst you may think you can design your own logo or business cards for example, you may spend hours ‘playing’ around with a design when your time would be best spent giving a graphics team a brief and paying them to come up with a design in a quarter of the time!

Accounting and banking are two areas where it is best to outsource to specialists in their field. Your bank will have a team dedicated to improving the profits of the businesses who choose to bank with them. They can assist with finding the best accounts and services for your business to maximise interest earnings and keep running costs down.

An accountancy firm can help with all your accounting needs and have access to current software that can all save you time. You will save money by not having to pay for software upgrades directly and time by not having to learn about all the new systems. Just send your files to the accountant and let them deal with all the paperwork and send you reports.

You may find that over the year you have busy periods and times when your employees work load fluctuates. So, rather than having more employees who sit around bored during a quiet period it is best to employee temporary qualified staff from a recruitment agency. This is a form of outsourcing of employees to keep costs such as holiday and sick pay down as well as insurance contributions.

Business documentation can require a full time administrative employee or you can outsource this work when necessary especially if your requirements are not consistent. You need a new advertising brochure written, designed, printed and delivered? Outsource it! Hire writers, designers and printers to get the work done – you just need to proof it all, and it’s so much quicker to check and edit than it is to write volume yourself.

One area that can easily be outsourced is document protection and production. Unless you have large volumes though this may not be a cost effective solution. Therefore, it can still be really handy and convenient to have a coil binding machine NZ in the office. For document protection and a professional look you will need laminating machines NZ. Visit Paperquip at for all your document binding NZ supplies.

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