The Benefits of Journaling


Individuals often assume a diary and a journal are the same thing, yet there are actually distinctions between the two. Diaries have a tendency to focus on a person’s reactions to what is taking place around them on a day to day or week to week basis. A journal, in contrast, allows a person to record these reactions, but it also provides a place to include information about the things that inspire them or catch their attention. People find the journal lets them experiment while also growing in terms of their creativity and journaling is becoming more and more popular throughout the world.

How To Journal

Take paper everywhere. This makes it easy to write down thoughts and feelings. If no paper is handy, use any scrap that is available, including receipts, napkins, or the back of an envelope. Transfer these notes regularly to the journal so nothing is lost or forgotten, and handwrite the journal. Although it may seem easier to use a computer, people tend to edit their thoughts when using this method. The inner critic comes out and censors things, defeating the purpose of the journal. Furthermore, a person’s handwriting can tell a great deal about their emotions when they entered the information.

Don’t obsess over spelling, grammar, and other rules. A journal is only designed to be seen by the writer unless he or she chooses to share it with others. In addition, leave a page or two at the beginning and create a table of contents when the journal is full. It makes it much easier when a writer decides to go back and look for something they put into the journal at an earlier date.

The Benefits Of Journaling

People often overlook the benefits of journaling. They tend to see it as a means to an end, yet this isn’t the case. There is actually value in journaling, and following are a few examples of why this is the case.

Journaling Promotes Self-Discipline

Individuals need to set aside a time every day to write in their journals. This helps to ensure the task doesn’t get overlooked in a person’s busy life, but it does much more than this. It also helps the person make this a priority in their life, as it promotes the mental equivalent of muscle memory. Writing becomes a habit, and the person’s self-discipline benefits as a result.

Boost Your IQ

Research shows that writing can help to stretch a person’s IQ. A University of Victoria report found that writing, when included in the process of learning language, correlates positively with the person’s intelligence. The journal helps a person explore the language as they look for words to accurately describe their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Vocabulary increases, and this is one of the best measures of a person’s overall intelligence level.

Journaling Helps A Person Achieve Their Goals

Goals are harder to accomplish when they aren’t written down. Although the actual words put into the journal don’t help the person get to where they want to be, they tell the brain that these goals are important to the person. The mind then looks for tools and opportunities that may help the person reach their objectives. The more detailed the goal is in the journal, the more it serves as a map for the person achieving their dream.

The Healing Process Benefits From Journaling

People often find when they write down their thoughts and emotions it helps to clarify them. Furthermore, Dr. James Pennebaker states expressive writing helps to boost a person’s immune function. People who journal find it helps to decrease their stress and anxiety as well as sleep better.

Learn To Control Emotions

Journaling helps individuals improve their emotional intelligence or their ability to perceive and manage emotions, both their own and those of others. When a person writes in a journal, they become more self-aware. As a result, they develop more empathy and are better able to connect with others.

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