Digital Printing Trends to Be Aware Of


Digital printing continues to advance at an amazing rate. Experts predict that by 2020 it will account for 17.4 percent of value and 3.4 percent of printed and print packaging volume overall. This is due to the numerous advantages it provides for users, such as short runs, fast turnarounds, and low costs. Combine this with the new markets that are continuing to open and it is easy to see why businesses need to be aware of digital printing trends and options available to them, such as thermal laminating in NZ.

Production Inkjet Technology

More and more businesses now turn to production inkjet for their printing needs, as the devices have improved in terms of quality, the approved media lists continue to expand and more segments can now be served by this technology. Inkjet, in the past, was only suitable for certain markets, but this is no longer the case. In fact, most industrial printing can make use of the production inkjet technology today.

Business Models

Not only will businesses look for the most economical way to produce items, they will help customers determine the appropriate options for their needs. This allows the customer to save more money, which is sure to be appreciated by all. As a result, print shop efficiency improves and customers receive their items in a short period of time. Companies offering multiple items find they are able to increase their customer base as they stand out in the crowd.

Ink Options

One problem with certain inks is they clog the print heads. The industry continues to search for new ways to produce inks that dry quickly yet won’t clog the heads. Areas being addressed to achieve this goal include jetting consistency and higher pigment loads. In addition, the industry works to ensure compliance with regulations set forth by the food packaging industry to ensure customers don’t have problems once their items are delivered.

If you are interested in thermal laminating machine in NZ, you need to remain aware of these and other trends. A thermal laminator machine NZ is of great help, but only when it can be used to enhance the digital printing process. Before purchasing binding supplies in NZ, be sure to ask about all available options and how they fit in with different printing options. Contact us at Paperquip ( for all you Digital Printing needs.

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